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Action Turnip!!!
Cave Runner
Crazy Running
Cyber Rush
Deadman Rush
Dillo Hills 2
Dino Run
Gun Run
Pixel Escape
Robot Unicorn Attack
Run Lil' Broccoli
Run Ram Run!
Running Wizard
The Flood Runner
The Flood Runner 2
The Flood Runner 3: Armageddon
Wait 4 Me!!!
About running games
In Februari of 2009 the flash game Canabalt was released by Adam Atomic. The goal of the game being to run and jump platforms, there was only one possible action in the game (jumping), still it became an internet-wide success. Soon after that, more similar running games were released by different developers, and so the auto-runner genre was born.

- Canabalt - The classic ultra fast paced platformer

- Solipskier - Draw your paths in a unique take on the genre

- Robot Unicorn Attack - Flashy 80s style game of jumping, running and shooting

- Dino Run - Multiplayer dinosaur runner
rocket - swimming - wizard - trebuchet - sword
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